About the choir

Alleluia Children’s Choir is made up of 60 boys’ and girls’ voices, ranging in age from 6-19yrs. Our repertoire is comprised of sacred and Gospel music, with some selections from other genres added to enhance and enrich the choir’s skill and ability. The music selections are often made according to the music of the season, with the concerts taking on themes according to the time in the church calendar. We also try to include songs in languages other than English—and we are always open to new suggestions for the repertoire.

We have performed in local schools, churches and at the Peace Villa care home, and will also be performing at the Festival of the Arts in Fort St. John this spring. Our goal is to sing skillfully and beautifully—first, for the glory of God, and then for the pleasure of our hearers. The joy, pleasure, and camaraderie that the choristers experience as they do this is also a great side-benefit. We all love choir, and it shows!

Mission and Vision

The mission of Alleluia Children’s Choir is “Teaching children to sing to the glory of God.” Our vision for the choir is to see that mission realized each time we practice, and each time we perform. Our hope is for the choir to grow into a large group of children of many ages, from many backgrounds, singing skillfully and beautifully together. Our desire is to perform in a variety of settings both to increase our profile in the community but also to give the children the opportunity to sing for many different people—and ultimately, to sing to the glory of God each time they do.

Our People


Heidi Jones


Heidi has been singing all her life, but it wasn’t until she joined her church choir in the fall of 2007 that her passion for choral music was ignited. Heidi loves singing in choir, but also loves helping others to discover the joy and satisfaction that comes with joining in a chorus of many voices and making beautiful music. She has organized many small church-related ensembles and quartets, she led a men’s choir for a local mission conference, and has led singing with groups of children in various contexts. Alleluia Children’s Choir was born from her desire to see a Christian children’s choir singing traditional sacred and Gospel music beautifully to the glory of God—primarily because it was something she desired for her own children!

Heidi completed Grade 8 Royal Conservatory in piano in 1997. She has sat under the instruction of several different choral conductors in the past 9 years, including learning Handel’s Messiah with the North Peace Community Choir in Fall 2014. In August she took part in Inspirare, a choral conducting symposium led by Dr. Graeme Langager, director of choral activities at UBC. This will be Heidi’s first foray into officially conducting a long-term choir—a new adventure that she is excited to begin.